Congrats once again on getting married

In order to change your name with government departments etc you'll need to obtain a certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Pricing and info is here:

There's no timeframe in which to apply for a certificate or change your name. Some brides don't change theirs others want to do so ASAP. You may find it's easier to just change your name as things pop up ie licence comes up for renewal etc as means less trips to different places, waiting in line etc.

Please note your marriage certificate will show your maiden name but allows you to take on your husbands surname

Once you have received your certificate you can start the change of name process. Here are a list of places to consider (I know so many!)

* Driver's licence 

* Registration

* Bank accounts / credit cards

* Insurance policies (personal, home, contents, vehicle) 

* Passport 

* Mortgages, rental agreements

so* Work records (pay slips, tax info, superannuation etc)

* Utilities (gas, electricity, water etc.) 

* Centrelink

* Medicare

* Road side assistance (RACQ etc)

* Your local council if you pay rates / water

* Will

* Electoral Commission

* Australian Tax Office 

* Loyalty cards (Fly Buys etc)

* Library cards 

* Blood donor card 

* Memberships (health clubs, local clubs etc)

* Doctor, dental, other health care records 

* Accountant and other professionals 

Let me know if you have any questions whatsoever with regards to the process.

Once again thanks for involving me in your wedding day <3 It was a pleasure playing a special part in such a special day

Christina xx