Thanks for booking me for your wedding <3 I'm looking forward to sharing the journey together and being there for you both on your special day

Please find attached some information    

<3 Reading ideas - if you wish to have a reading then here is a list of some nice ones. The possibilities are endless and there's so many on the internet as well. I find this is a good way to have someone else who you want involved to play a part ie if you want a parent, friend, family member etc involved they can come up and read something or I am more than happy to read something you choose. You don't however have to have a reading at all if you don't want to.    

<3 Vow ideas - You can write your own, take one that's there or take bits from here and there. There are many ideas for vows on the internet too . I can also help with ideas for the exchange of rings. Your vows need to include "I call upon the persons/people here present to witness that I, *insert full name*. take you, *insert full name*. to be my lawful wedded husband/wife" These words make it legal and can only be amended slightly.  

My fee  incorporates me writing a personalised ceremony for you, meetings, travel, a keepsake copy of your ceremony and all legal paperwork. Pretty much everything you need from a celebrant. There are no hidden fees or charges. The only additional cost would be a certificate from births, deaths and marriages if you wish to obtain one. You will receive a ceremony marriage certificate on the day but you may wish to apply for one through births deaths and marriages after I've registered your marriage this allows you to change your name with government departments and so forth. More info about this can be found here:  I'm happy to help with this and will also provide you with change of name information including a list of places to change your name after the ceremony.    

My fee also includes use of my PA system (which can play your ceremony music if need be), use of my signing table if needed with table cloth, 2 x chairs (if needed), pens and I also have a few table decorations you can choose from (mrs and mrs, love etc signs) which are in an album for you to look at on my facebook page.

I have also attached a pamphlet titled 'Happily Ever Before and After' which is a government issued document about available relationship services, education and advice that all celebrants have to provide to marrying couples

 Please let me know if you have any questions at all


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